Friday, May 18, 2012

Starting to blog again.

Inspired to start blogging again after I was given a task to do blog for Cayden's school. I had been missing for the past two years and I hope to blog for my baking & cooking.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Post of 2011

Times fly.... It been long long time I stopped my blogging because of facebook..... :) This will be my first post of the year 2011... I will try to post more often when I am free. Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This year Christmas .....

Xmas is just around the corner. Was thinking what to bake for this year Xmas!

Mini Muffin? Boring ....
Log Cake? Sian ....

Wanted to try out something new this year which I havent try it before. Been seeing alot of article about that and hope it will turn up good. Looking forward to my new exploring this weekend. Stay Tune....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Change of Environment

It is more than a month since I last blog. Times fly.... I had change my job last month and now in Construction company doing HR. From Jurong Estate I had moved on to Town area. Environment is a great changed for me. Got to squeeze mrt everyday to and fro.
I always in the manufacturing industry and construction industry is really so much different of what I used to do. The environment here is totally different too. Dealing with the site people can be very challenging. I guess site people are more rough. Just pray hard I can slowly adapt this challenging work.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Macaroons Class @ Bakincow

My first attempt piping

The shell

Group Photo

Me & Shinni

Azuki Tofu Chessecake by Shinni
It was a long waiting. I booked the class for more than 1 month as it was always fully booked. I went for the class today. I learn many things about baking macaroons. I also enjoyed myself very much on the hands on class and making new friends. Thanks Shinni for the wonderful experience with you. Hope I can start try my first attempt soon. This is really a SWEET SWEET stuff that not many people will like. What I like about macaroons was the multi-colour and the cute size of it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cayden's Quote

Cayden conversation with teacher during morning break time ~
Teacher : Can I have some of your bread? (Which mummy prepare for him)
Cayden : Okie... and he pluck a little bit to the teacher.
Teacher : Oh so little.. can I have some more please?
Cayden : Cannot.... You go NTUC and buy lar...
Teacher : "Laugh" I don't have money leh...
Cayden : I also don't have...
After hearing this from the teacher, I just can't stop laughing.. Didn't expect he to reply this to the teacher. Actually, I had been preparing bread for him to school recently and I bought the bread at NTUC with him together each time. So I guess, that is why he asked his teacher to buy at NTUC... hahahahahah

Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Community Walk 25 July 2010

Warming up

2km walk

Cooling down

"YOG" competition

The finalist

Competing for First & Runner Up

Chloe's runner up prize
Ace Sport Tights


Goodies Bag

Today, we wake up early to prepare ourself to the community walk at Jurong Central Park. Reached the destination at 7.30am and there are already alot of people there. We quickly collect our shirt before heading to the warm up exercise. After the warm up exercise, we start our 2km walk at 8.00am sharp. Everyone was excited and started to run including my kids. They then walk slowly after a short run.
We then had a cool down exercise after the walk. There are games and quiz and booths selling different product for the walkers to visit. They had a competition for the best perform "YOG" for the adults & children. Chloe & Cayden went up to take part and Chloe was choosen for the final. Six kids was competiting for the top 1 and ended up left Chloe and another boy to competed for the first. In the end, Chloe got herself a runner up with a tights voucher worth $69 sponsor by ACE. I am already very proud of her. Well done Chloe! After collecting the goodies bag at about 10plus, we went home tired but happily. It was indeed a great event for us, if not we won't had a chance to brisk walking together.